Digital Twin

At the beginning of year 2021 DSP and TALUMIS finalised an important partnership agreement to develop and market together innovative vertical software solutions in the area of simulation, emulation, predictive analysis and artificial intelligence for the Container Terminal industry.

The first product on the pipeline is GEMINI, a digital twin of the terminal to support operators in their daily operational decisions.

The working group is composed by TALUMIS engineers and mathematicians and DSP specialists in automation and terminal operations.

First stage of the project will focus on three particular areas:

  • Forecasting (Digital Shadow) – the calculation model based on existing data;
  • Simulation Model (Digital Mirror) – manually support to terminal operations;
  • Automated optimization (Digital Twin) – run the optimizing again when new data is available.

Cosco Shipping Ports (Spain) Valencia Terminal, a leading maritime terminals operator in Spain, is at the side of GEMINI project and will cooperate to build robust product to support daily operations decision and optimise processes and use of equipment.

About our partner Talumis

Read the full press release on GEMINI

What DSP, Talumis and CSP say about GEMINI project:

“Another big step ahead for the DSP Group, says Giambattista Ravano, Chairman of DSP, the agreement with TALUMIS is extremely important for our industry because it establishes an alliance that strengthens our ability to develop advanced technology in the sector and the endorsement of CSP Valencia tells us that our vision is going in the right direction.

“We have the will to grow and to represent a beacon for technological innovation in container terminal management.” declares Marco Fehmer, CEO of DSP and Chairman of DSP LAB, “Digitalization is a tool, not the result. We aim to provide concrete solutions to daily problems and enable terminals of any size and operations mode with the latest technology.”

Steven Hamoen, CEO of TALUMIS calls the partnership “An ideal opportunity. It aligns perfectly with our knowledge and knowhow and builds upon our planning, scheduling and simulation applications that are already being used worldwide. This cooperation creates a perfect synergy, enabling the generation of operational tools for optimization in the terminal business.”

Ivan Deosdad, Director of Projects CSP Spain and Ignacio Huet, IT Director CSP Spain: “With this partnership, we see an excellent opportunity to remain at the forefront on a technological level. Thanks to new technologies, digital twins will revolutionize the way container terminals make decisions, offering operational efficiency, managing high volumes of data and avoiding dangerous situations, which will lead to safer and more efficient decision making, increasing the overall performance of the terminal”.